Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catching UP

Hello everyone! Poor Deandra. She's grown up so much over the past seven months or so, and hasn't a blog post to show for it!

Here are some of her first big smiles. Once she figured it out, this grin became an almost permanent fixture on her face!
Found her toes!

Pretty six months smile!

Celebrating D's half birthday on October 4.

Cabbage Patch cheerleader for Halloween!

Playing in the leaves in the front yard.

Love the rollllls!!!!

Happiest baby EVER!

This brings us to present day. Deandra is so pleasant (though santa wasn't her favorite). She is practically crawling and enjoying real food very much! What a joy she has been. Sorry we haven't shared her with you more.


  1. I can't believe she didn't like Santa! She likes EVERYBODY! :)

  2. thanks whit for the pics:) she did sit on santas lap for a bit, before she decided she didn't want to be there.